In the Beginning

Please make sure your audio is

on once you enter this space.


You are about to enter the land 
of the 
Another Land 

Please follow these guidelines:

  1. Use your inside voice.

  2. Please do touch the art.

  3. Respect personal space.

  4. Please put your phone away or into silent mode.

  5. Eating and drinking are encouraged.

There is Another Land reflects on the way technology influences our perception of the physical world including our adoption of immersive technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. More specifically, it addresses how technology is changing our relationship to nature, and its ability to affect nature’s behavior, calling attention to the dichotomy of technological advancement, which influences human existence by bringing new risks as well as improvements to our lives. There is Another Land consists of an introduction followed by three sections: In the Beginning; A Rose is a Rose is a Rose; and Where Grass Won’t Grow.

A Rose


a Rose


a Rose

You are allowed to stay here as long as you want. You may touch the photos and rearrange them as you please. 

Where Grass 



You may use your phone in this space.

Make sure to sign out before you leave.